Passing away of former Prime Minister of India Inder Kumar Gujral

Woke up to the news of passing away of the former Prime Minister of India Inder Kumar Gujral, who headed a coalition government in the late 1990s. I can say he was few of the good men in Indian politics. He participated in India’s freedom struggle against British Raj and went to jail in 1942 during “Quit India” movement. To start his election campaign in 1989 he visited our house in Jalandhar along with his wife, to meet my father and gain political support of Akali Dal (Mann).

In the 1989 elections, he was elected from the Jalandhar parliamentary constituency in Punjab. After my father’s assassination in June 1990, my mother meet with PM at his Delhi office along with my father’s friend. I feel that he had a soft corner for the Sikhs and their struggle during 80s and 90s. He was part of the India’s independence struggle and would have understood the Sikh issues.

He had to deal with many controversial decision of his government, but I always felt that only if he had longer term as Prime Minister he may have been a better advocate of minorities in India. He was Prime Minister for about eleven months surrounded with political uncertainties and controversies.


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