Rape culture of India

First a father is shot dead in the holy city of Amritsar. This father, a cop, was defending his daughter from being molested by a youth political leader. This incident was still making headlines around the World when the brutal gang rape of another girl in Delhi was reported. She was raped by six men in a moving bus, beaten with a rod, iron rod pushed into the body and her intestines taken out. Her male companion beaten and then both thrown out of the moving bus to die. Yet, another gang rape in Delhi is reported, another one in east part of the nation, and another one in city of Patiala. Sadly, I am sure the reporting of rape and gang rape will continue in coming weeks, months, and years. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) stated that a rape is reported every 18 hours in India. My question is what about the unreported rapes? The culture of rape in India is much more wide spread then what the official numbers state. Culturally speaking, most women simply do not report rape because of the shame, the backlash of society and miss treatment by police and judiciary system. It is also to note that usually the up roar only seem to take place when an upper middle class women is victim of rape.

I am shocked but same time I am thankful to see Indians rise against the incidents in Punjab and Delhi. I am surprised to see the courage of Indians to stand up against these rape incidents and spill on to the streets to protest and let the World know that the nation which worships goddesses had failed to protect its women. The images of the people protesting and being beaten by police forces have been flashed across the globe on TV, newspapers, and social media. I have noticed that the majority of the protesters are young men and women; I guess the older generation is watching the protest on TV at home.

I am happy to see India standing up for its daughters but, I am surprised to see the way people of India have responded to such horrifying brutality towards women in India. I recall India choose to stay quite when armed forces of India raped and  gang raped women in Punjab, Kashmir, Nagaland, Sri Lanka, and many more places. People of India chose to stay quite when hundreds of Sikh women were gang raped all over the country in 1984. The people of India choose to stay quite when Muslim women were raped and killed in Gujarat. The people of India choose to stay quite when army striped women naked in front of whole villages in Punjab and Kashmir.

It was March 8th, 1991 on the International Women’s Day when Brig. RP Sinha addressed the assembled Sikh villagers and he said, and let me Para phrase, “If any action occurs in this village, every single male is going to be taken out and shot. Then we’re going to take all the women to our camp and there we’re going to create a new breed for Punjab.”  On this day India Choose to stay quiet.  I am so glad that the modern India is rising and saying we are feed up and we will no longer take the brutality against women in this nation.

While I write, I am fearful that the political gods will find a way to hush the chanting sounds of the protesters and justice will bleed to a slow death which may be way more painful than the brutality these women have already gone through.


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