Bhai Gurbaksh Singh: A tale of politics


Anyone who hasn’t experienced the ecstasy of betrayal knows nothing about ecstasy at all – Jeab Genet

Sikhs were rejoicing. Social media was buzzing with cheers of victory after Bhai Gurbaksh Singh broke his 44 days long fast. He broke is fast after the state release the four out of six Sikh prisoners on parole

It has been a fight with a good cause but resulted in a half-baked victory. Let’s review the facts:

  1. Four detainees released on “parole”, possibly can go back to jail soon. This means they are released on a condition for a limited period of time.
  2. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh and the Sikh Bhandhi Rihai Morcha Committee trusted and negotiated with same politicians and authorities whom Sikhs don’t trust and sometimes even call upon as anti-Sikh.
  3. According to news reports Lakhwinder Singh, one of the released, is praising Beant Singh’s (former Chief Minister of Punjab) family for his release. This is the same family which did the most damage of Sikh youth and raped our women. Congress will for sure use this in coming elections to gain Sikh votes.
  4. The Badal family and Akali-BJP lead government takes the credit and secures the votes for the next elections.
  5. It’s all politics folks!


  1. Sikh Bhandhi Rihai Morcha Committee is silent. Well, they really can’t say much as they have no power or backing of any kind.
  2. Some of the released on parole have exhausted their leave and are back in Burail Jail
  3. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh’s face expressions tell a sad story of betrayal by jathedar’s and politicians. He should have known better, nothing new for the Shaheed families though.
  4. Now what? I really don’t know. Maybe Sikh Bhandhi Rihai Morcha Committee have some answers.

2 thoughts on “Bhai Gurbaksh Singh: A tale of politics

  1. looks truthful whatever u said sir.. at the same time v must admit that bhai gurbaksh singh made a great contribution…. and its not only his responsibility to wake the panth up… he walked miles when its very difficult to take one step forward in that direction.. there are major questions hanging in the flux …everything is so complicated that the more v clear it the more v feel sorrow … the pain grows… simran and sabr can revive the all aspects of sikh life… and there is no one theory or way to tackle an issue, it could be numerous … and every contribution contributes …. so does BHai Gurbaksh singh g


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