Give justice a chance

India is a nation with declining beauty. The people of India must rise to save the beauty of their nation.

A nation’s diverse culture, its diverse geography, and most importantly its people make a nation beautiful. It has been my privilege to see some of the India’s communities and states enriched and glowing with their beautiful culture. I had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Himalayas of Jammu and Kashmir, the fertile plains of Punjab, the rivers of India full with life, and how can I forget the beauty of tea gardens of Tezpur in the state of Assam and the unique sculpture of Rajasthan’s desserts. I know many Indians with beautiful hearts. I have met many amazing Indians and I have read about the amazing work performed by Indians in their respective fields. A nation of many gods and goddesses, a nation full of arts, a nation full of festivals and its glitter, a nation with dream world of Bollywood mesmerizing the rest of the World. All in all India have the ingredients for a nation with pride and identity.

It is unfortunate that the beauty of India has been plagued with the ugly wave of hate incited by political and religious agendas. The nation is devastated by a regime oppressing the minorities of India and its efforts to kill cultures. It has made a willful blue print to eradicate history and languages of many minority groups within India. This is a nation whose own armed forces are relentlessly being used to kill its own people and eliminate their democratic right of speech and freedom. The people of India must stand up and do what is required to stop India from losing its beauty, it is their duty to do so.

The question is, has the modern India lost its pride? Has Indians lost their spirit to stand up to the oppressor? Every citizen of India must question and investigate the decisions made by their past and present political and religious masters. Almost 66 years ago the political power was transferred from British to the elite and rich of India under the label of “Independence”. Since then the nation have successfully striped minorities of their identities, send army into holiest of the shrines to put out a limited number of armed men, destroy religious places belonging to minorities, use the army to round of women in village and rape them using rape as a tool to shut off rebellious voices in Kashmir, Punjab, Nagaland, and probably many more places. The nation is unable to get grip on gender based discrimination and unable to protect the children of child slavery.

I do understand that it is not easy to run a country made up of small nations within, with different languages, different cultures and different religions who have historically had differences. Is it too much for the World’s largest democracy to serve justice to the suffering minorities? Sikhs are still waiting to see if the culprits of 1984 anti-Sikh massacre will be punished. Sikhs have witnessed the instigators of anti-Sikh violence promoted to ministers, senior police posts, and awarded with political appointments. What justice has been served to 1992 violence in Gujrat? What about innocent killings in Kashmir or Nagaland? I may be speaking of the past but it is a past with no closure and this past will affect the future of your nation. A strong nation cannot be built with broken people.

Over the last some years I have noticed India rise and Indians united to stand for various causes and I congratulate them for doing so. As a citizen of India it is for you to recognize what is wrong and demand that the justice be served to all those who have suffered through the hands of the state. It is your nation and it is your responsibility to act with kindness and duty to your fellow citizen. If your nation fails to protect minorities and fails to serve justice for the atrocities done to minorities, it will be your head hung in shame.

My good wishes to all those who will be flying the tri-colour Indian flag on the occasion of India’s republic day today. My congratulation to all those watching the colourful parade at New Delhi along with President Obama as Indian’s Chief guest. I am hopeful all Indian’s will rejoice the occasion but I am also hoping that the occasion is celebrated with the true spirit, giving justice a chance.


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