Punjab Politics

It’s ironic situation in Punjab. The land which gave birth to Guru’s, great poets, fearless leaders, and warriors does not have a single individual today who can lead Punjab out of its economical, social and religious sufferings. Leaders are not emerging but instead are being implanted.

The religious sentiments of Sikhs in Punjab are continuously being exploited by politicians who always had and still have their own agenda’s which sometimes are achieved at the cost of many dead bodies and shattered lives. One of these agendas includes the dream of attaining the position of Punjab Chief Minister.

It seems politics always win over the righteousness and ethics. I have yet to see ethical politics in Punjab. This is one of my wishes which I fear I may not be granted in my life time but I still stay optimistic about it. I have been criticized many times for my views about thinking that there is not a “single” leader in Punjab, but I am sorry that is what I see and that is what I believe. I truly can not name one individual who is true, trustworthy and holds the characteristics of leadership with vision for Punjab.

Yes, indeed we have truck load of politicians but not a single leader.

I think it is about time for writers, artists, farmers and intellectuals to lead the revolution in Punjab instead of religious exploiters and present politician who are simply in positions because of their economical strength. The people of Punjab must review the situation and reject the tested and failed individuals.


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